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Donner Photographic Inc. is one of the largest dance photography companies in the United States.
We have designed our programs so that everyone benefits. We are dedicated to a quality product
and customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

All of our programs are structured to suit your studios preference.



Benefits to your studio, when booking with Donner Photographic Inc.



  • Prior to photo day, Donner Photographic Inc will provide a FREE marketing kit that includes: Flyers, Posters, Scheduling Sheets, Instruction and Information
  • Our fully trained photographers will pose & photograph each student, in all costumes, at no charge.
  • Our photographers are specially trained for group posing.
  • High quality portraits are produced in our in-house professional lab.
  • Quick delivery time! Portraits are ready to be purchased and taken home on the sales day.
  • Three programs available to fit the needs of your studio!
  • Studio earns commission based on portrait sales.
  • Customer and Client Portals available.
Complimentary large format group display to showcase in your studio!